All new bag locking feature, exclusive to PowaKaddy.

Allows PowaKaddy Cart Bags to quickly and effortlessly lock onto all compatible PowaKaddy electric trolleys without the need for a lower strap. The Ultra-strong Neodymium Magnet ensures your bag holds firm in all conditions.

MAG-LOK ® is supplied with all 2024 Range PowaKaddy Cart Bags and is quick and easy to install to a MAG-LOK ® compatible PowaKaddy electric trolleys.

Don’t have a compatible PowaKaddy trolley? The bag will still work with any trolley and features the PowaKaddy KEY-LOCK ™ system that prevents lateral movement.

To Fit:

1. If the lower bungee is fitted, press the lower bungee clips (highlighted in blue) to remove from the housing.

2. Screw the MAG-LOK® onto the pivoting part on the front bag stay using the fastener and hex key provided in the pack.

Thats it, you’re ready to go!