PowaKaddy App

Take control of your game.

No subscriptions needed just seamless access to the latest updates and features for your trolley.

Track your game from your app and compatible PowaKaddy trolley with ease, monitor player and round stats* and review completed scorecards*.

Follow the QR link displayed on your trolley at startup. After pairing with your trolley this prompt will dissappear.

*App functionality is linked to the trolley features of the paired PowaKaddy trolley.

Map and software updates

Download the PowaKaddy App to update your trolleys software ensuring you have all the latest features.
Access and download the latest GPS map data. Found a mapping error? Report it in the App!

Map updates are also available for previous generation bluetooth enabled GPS products.

Please note: Updates for Pre-Bluetooth PowaKaddy GPS Models ceased to be available from December 2023.

Advanced Active Green view

Add surrounding hazards and bunkers to your trolley display.

Enable and manage up to 20 courses via the app.