PowaKaddy GPS Updates

All PowaKaddy GPS trolleys come preloaded with over 40,000 worldwide golf course maps, but can be updated as new map data is available. To check which method of updates you need to follow please check your trolleys’ serial number.

Trolleys with the prefix of the following serial numbers :- 00725, 00775, 00925, 00975, 03025, 03075, 02525, 02575, 02590, 02725, 02775 please go to ‘PowaKaddy GPS Trolley – Bluetooth Updates’ tab.

Trolleys with the prefix of the following serial numbers/letters:- A7GE or AF7G please go to ‘PowaKaddy GPS Trolley – Pre Bluetooth Updates’ tab.

PowaKaddy GPS App

Your trolley can be updated quickly by downloading the PowaKaddy app via iOS or Android.
To activate the app:

  1. Select the GPS Version of your trolley from the drop-down box. The GPS Version number is found in the Settings Menu on your GPS Trolley.
  2. Enter the trolley Serial number into the second box. Your trolley serial number can be found in the rear joint of the trolley when folded.

Follow instructions on screen to pair and update course maps.

Pre-Bluetooth Updates

Updates for Pre-Bluetooth PowaKaddy GPS Models ceased to be available from December 2023